Selecting kitchen appliances to suit your lifestyle

Choosing kitchen appliances for your new home can be simplified to three main areas:

1. Budget
2. Lifestyle
3. Style

Kitchen appliances usually include oven, cooktop, rangehood and dishwasher. Having done the legwork, we recommend for clients, products featuring maximum warranties, reputation of quality products and excellent after sale service. We have a kitchen appliance for every budget. Below we further elaborate briefly on the above three points.


It is important for you to have the discussion with us on your budget, as there is a broad range of cost for kitchen appliances. Other considerations are if there is a need for gas, which adds a cost to your plumbing, but is a preferable means for cooktop cooking by the vast majority of clients building their own home. Consider also if the new build is your home or an investment, generally for investment properties clients would select only electric appliances.


Consider your cooking style. Are you a baker, cooking fresh bread regularly and baking cakes that need to rise evenly, or are you cooking to feed the family without the flair of a reality TV cooking show? We can discuss these options and recommend products to meet your needs.

After all of the cooking, consider the cleaning up, selecting the right dishwasher capacity for your needs will not add much cost to your build but will be appreciated after every family meal.


The third consideration is how you see your kitchen design looking. A freestanding oven with cooktop provides cabinetry advantages and commonly features a 900mm wide capacity. Or you may prefer a tower oven with a separate cooktop, or a request a double oven as a space saving solution. Another cooktop decision to make is whether you are cooking with electricity or gas? This will impact on cabinetry distances from cooktop and also plumbing costs. When considering your rangehood, there are several considerations, such as the style being either slide out, fluted canopy or concealed. Additionally, consider if you would like a recirculating rangehood or ducted to the eve to remove cooking smells from within the home.

We make these decisions easy for you and have experience in recommending the right kitchen appliance solution for you once we have had the opportunity to discuss your build.

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